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May 21, 2017 • 1 min read

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Saavn Bloom

Saavn Bloom

November 21, 2016 • 1 min read

Member Zune’s MixView? Check out “Saavn Bloom”

This is a hack that I created during our internal Saavn Hackathon. It lets you discover Song & Artist recommendations for any Song or Artist with an interface inspired by Zune’s MixView.

Saavn Bloom might show up in an update, so download the App if you haven’t already. :)

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Overriding Accent Color in UWP App

August 6, 2016 • 2 min read

Create & Run a UWP Xaml App and the UI will adhere to User’s theme and color preferences. The App will show up with Light or Dark theme with all controls using the Accent Color for their Visual States.

You can specify Requested Theme in App.xaml to override the system theme and set it to Light or Dark:


Here’s another little trick that lets you override the system Accent Color. Add a Color resource with key ‘SystemAccentColor’ to App.xaml’s Resources with hex code value of the color you want to set:

    <Color x:Key=”SystemAccentColor”>#548dd4</Color>

Now, all default Xaml controls will use this color for highlights, selection, and other visual states. With these two simple lines of code, you can create a color branding for your App.

I hope this Mini article helps you in your App development. Happy coding!

I’m going to try to write blog posts once or twice a month, so come back for more stuff like this!

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Saavn for Windows 10

Saavn Radio on Windows 10

April 5, 2016 • 1 min read

Poornima Hanumara, on the Saavn Blog:

We’re excited to announce that Saavn on Windows 10 now has Radio functionality – on any PC, tablet or Phone that has Windows 10!

Since we launched Saavn for Windows in August of 2015, we’ve welcomed an amazing group of Windows listeners to Saavn – streaming a record breaking number of songs, and giving us lots of love (4.3 Stars, and top 10 Free Music Apps). Thank you for that!

This was a big update. Radio, New Player, and much more. Update now! :)

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PerfecTile for Windows 10

PerfecTile for Windows 10 is here

September 1, 2015 • 2 min read

Everyone has been waiting for this update, and it’s finally here!
You can now get PerfecTile for Windows 10 and create image assets for your shiny new Universal App.

You also need this Tool now more than ever. Universal Windows Apps run on screens of different sizes and resolutions, so does your App’s Tiles. You’ll need to supply 44 images with different sizes & scales to make that possible.

PerfecTile supports all those Images of different sizes & scales which you’ll be able to create in few clicks. This tool already has all the features you’d expect like – support for vector icons as well as png files with transparency, preset Icon paddings, file naming conventions, etc.

You can purchase PerfecTile from GeekChamp Marketplace, or download your free upgrade if you’ve already purchased it from Marketplace tab here.

PerfecTile for Windows 10 is only $9.99 for 2 days. Get it while it’s Hot!

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