Ludo for Windows 8.1

Ludo 2.0 for Windows

January 28, 2015 • 2 min read

Ludo was my first Windows 8 App uploaded to the Store in 2012. I created the game in Microsoft’s Windows 8 hackathon, and it was up in Store before Windows 8 RTM. It has been doing great with downloads and ratings without any updates with new features. Today, I’m changing that.

I’ve just released Ludo 2.0 to the Windows Store. The game has been re-written with lots of new features:

• All new ‘Sleek’ board theme
• Six colors for Player to choose from
• Create Bot to play against; Handy if you can’t find a 4th player
• Switch board themes with Swipe/Click
• Options to customize gameplay like chances to Roll 6, Extra Turns etc.

The Game is free with one In-App Purchase to get the Sleek theme. Download Now!

Download from Windows Store

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